Psychometric Test

Psychometric Career Assessment Tests

Entrance First brings you scientific and meticulously designed Psychometric Career Assessment Tests to discover your true potential and interest.

It is vital to remember that a student’s actual abilities are as important as their aptitude for a certain stream or subject. A psychometric test is a scientific method to check existing skills and interests and assess personality. It helps a student to make an informed decision about their future study course. We use a psychometric assessment to understand the personality and interests of the candidate and assess their skill set to find a suitable career path.

A student undergoes many stressful changes during their student life and there are different stages where they can utilize a psychometric test to make better decisions for future.

5 Scientifically designed psychometric career tests

Designed to answer what is the best career option

Will help a student to discover true potential and interest

Meticulously designed by panel of psychologists

Measure affinity for a career based on personality & aptitude

Your Career is your Dream
Give Direction to your Dream

Plan your career Scientifically with the help of Career Counselors & AI enabled Technologies

Psychometric Tests Done
Students Counseled
Students Impacted

Why to take a Career Test?

Confusion about selecting a stream

Confusion about personal skills

Confusion about career path

Choose your P-CATs Series

An unbiased exploration of various career opportunities in order to make students aware of all the possible options those are available to them on the basis of their choices.
Our psychometric assessment helps students in mapping their abilities, personality traits as well as areas of interest, thus enabling them to discover and embrace their inner talent and potential.
It helps students to identify and align their potential with the best possible career options that suit their choices.
Entrance First provides students with the required guidance for selecting the right subjects/stream as well as the courses which will help them in pursuing their chosen career.
Entrance First helps students in shortlisting colleges on the basis of their career choices and also provides all the necessary guidance on application and admission processes.







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