B.A. Honours (Economics)

About B.A. Economics Honours

Economics is just like Mathematics and Science and is closely linked with our day to day life. Economics is how you make choices.  However the depth of Economics gives us an internal view of issues at global level like inflation, demand, supply, resource management etc.

Economics being one of the most demanding career option after 12th class. There are several illusions about the course as a career choice. Myths like economics students study only about money, the subjects are boring and sluggish. Economics Honours students get preference over B.Com Honours and even Economics students have a lot of high paying jobs. It is the most preferred course among the class 12th students. Also, Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It deals with huge data and students who have ability to deal with complex Mathematics, statistics, logical thinking and good memorising skills can go for Economics as a career choice.


It is difficult to get admission in Eco. Honours as the admissions are based on either merit or entrances. Though, a good number of students enrol every year in different colleges and Universities.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours in Economics is a 3 year full time graduation course. The course is divided into six semesters of six months each which includes subjects like

Mathematical Methods for Eco
Indian and global economy
Financial calculations
Investment management etc.

The eligibility to pursue this course after 12th is a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with minimum aggregate marks of 50% along with Math as a subject.
The cut off varies for different colleges (Delhi University’s cut off is highest as compared to other Universities). There are various reputed colleges that give admission based on entrance examination and a personal interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission to the course.

Who should study Economics?

Eco. Honours is best suited course for students who are willing to build their career in Economics and become future economists. This program would be helpful in pursuing MBA as one can understand finance and business in depth if he/she has studied economics in graduation. Also, it will be helpful for those candidates who want to become entrepreneurs of future as this course gives detailed knowledge of how economy runs. It is the social science which analyse the economy as a whole. The study of this course makes a candidate ready to work either for a particular industry (micro level) or for the nation (macro level).

The course covers the definition, scope, limitations, concepts, utility, production, market, and other major and minor aspects. The course not only covers Indian economy but also international economy making it a globally accepted program which has global scope for career.

The course covers every aspect of the business and industry related to production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The students studying eco become good in analytical and problem solving skills. However this course makes them ready for different business and banking jobs in private and public sectors.

This course also focuses on environmental aspect of economics and how this impacts the environment. Environmental economics is very essential in the present time. Studying the course at graduation level builds the base for further studies in this field. The students can seek further studies in the field and can pursue M.A. in Eco. or MBA.

Some Institutes/Colleges offering Course

Job after Eco. Honours

  • Government Jobs
  • Professor
  • Business Economist
  • Building Economist
  • Business Analyst
  • Phd And Research
  • Food Economist
  • Financial Economist
  • Natural Resource Economist
  • Market / Business Consultant
  • Economic Journalism
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Federal Economist
  • Health And Safety Economist
  • Statistician
  • Tourism Economist
  • Law Economist
  • International Trade Analyst
  • Banking And Financial Services
  • Educational/ Academic Economist
  • Environmental Economist
  • Market Analyst

Average Salary Package : 4 - 5 lacks

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